SINGLE REVIEW: Middle Kids – Real Thing

Middle Kids are about to kick off their ‘Real Thing Australian Tour’ next week so it only seems appropriate that they drop the title track before they embark on this massive run of dates. Taken from their new EP ‘New Songs For Old Problems’ which is out on May 24, this track continues the grungey alternative rock production they cemented on their debut album. The guitar riffs have a nostalgic feel to them as they reflect on the constant search for the meaning of life. So yeah, expect this track to hit you right in the feels. “Don’t it ever make you feel sad? Is this the real thing? Are you like me? Do you lie awake thinking, is this the real thing?”. It’s not an emotional song through it’s production, instead it’s an emotional song because of it’s hard hitting lyrics. And that’s something they’ve always done quite well. They’ve been able to deliver a slick alt-rock meets folk inspired production that is driven by guitars and drums but able to soften it with Hannah’s nostalgic feeling vocals and lyrics. And they’ve done it yet again. So prepare for more feelings and big festival ready hooks from their upcoming live show.