SINGLE REVIEW: Flume feat. Reo Cragun – Friends

BANGER! BANGER! BANGER! Whilst everyone was frothing over Flume’s new mixtape ‘Hi This Is Flume’, I was a little opinionated about it because it was produced well but just lacked the impact that Flume’s previous material had made. I was waiting for a song to make an impression that made me go “yep, he’s back”. And maybe that’s why he’s dropped this new song because, it’s a banger and a half. ‘Friends’ hears him teaming up with rapper Reo Cragun for a song that embodies everything that you’ve fallen in love with Flume for in the past. The production is unexpected and takes a DIY approach to it’s structure which is so refreshing compared to the recycled formulas we’ve heard from David Guetta and The Chainsmokers in the past. For the tracks lyrical component they reflect on deciding to cut someone out of your life and not wanting to be friends with them anymore. “Your heart ain’t full of love like this. Burnt that bridge, yes, you did. Don’t wanna be friends, I don’t wanna be friends”. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air as you cut the toxicity out of your life and learn to be free again. It’s not an easy thing to do but the sooner you do it, the better you will feel and that’s a fact. And this song embodies that weight lifting off your shoulders as you cut the ties and find yourself again.