SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Church

Returning in a neon colour of 80’s soaked synth, Aly & AJ have given you a mix of emotionally raw lyrics and polished hooks whilst showcasing a whole lot of artistic maturity. The dynamic sister duo gained massive traction of streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music with Take Me’, ‘I Know’ and ‘Good Love’ which saw them conducting a huge headline tour around North America bringing their glittery vibes to sold out venues. With their second EP ‘Sanctuary’ on it’s way they have dropped the first official single ‘Church’ which is a moody and aesthetic moment. Opening with the line “I do bad things for the sake of good times” they instantly set the tone for this confessional. They admit they’ve done bad things but are asking for forgiveness as they try to right their wrongs. Later in the smooth hook they confess “I need redemption, for sins I can’t mention” as the song then explodes with moody synths that pays homage to the nostalgic 80’s era. But don’t expect a massive explosion like ‘I Know’ because this song is a little more sophisticated. It plays it cool and gives you a very DIY approach as they articulate the structure and keep you guessing. It would’ve been easy for them to deliver a big build up but it’s more impactful that they show a even darker and more vulnerable side of them before they deliver the expected bangers that this EP holds.