SINGLE REVIEW: Sky Ferreira – Downhill Lullaby

It’s been six years in-between releases for Sky Ferreira and that is honestly a VERY long time. It would be ridiculous to think that an artist can come back from that long of a break and sound exactly the same because obviously there would have been a lot of growth not only artistically during that time but also as a human. But you also would imagine them to hold onto their roots and still be able to release something as cohesive and stunning as their previous releases. With heart break, career and mental health elements weighing into her creative orbit the Californian singer-songwriter has returned with an underwhelming comeback single. ‘Downhill Lullaby’ is a song trapped in a state of confusion. It ultimately feels like she doesn’t know who she wants to be as an artist anymore. Her early grungey and vulnerable material has been drastically altered for a confusing moody moment that sounds like a tragic b-side from a Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love recording session. With a one minute cinematic draped instrumental leading the opening, when she finally begins to sing her captivating vocals sound lost. The majority of this song is instrumentation and at 5 minutes long she loses your attention. There is nothing impactful or visually stunning about this song and with a bunch of pop songs promised on her next record, she should have lead with one of them instead. It’s very dark and moody but not in a complimentary way.