I’m always a little skeptical about social media personalities trying to break through to the music industry. Sometimes it just feels forced and like a ploy to build their brand for no reason. I mean, look at Jake Paul. Would you even call him a real musician? No. And he is always hustling a song he’s released to try make it go viral. But on the other hand you look at someone like JXN and after a first listen of their material you instantly know that they are the real deal. Also known as Jackson Brazier, the Melbourne social media influencer turned singer-songwriter has signed with Warner Music Australia and created quite the impact with his Triple J endorsed debut single ‘Solitiude’. His follow up track ‘Red Lights’ hears him teaming up with Boogie Wit Da Hoodie for a mature and moody R&B moment. Growing from the moody baseline of ‘Solitude’ this song dives into a production layered with groovy and downtempo beats that are almost hypnotic. The song takes you on a journey of turning negatives into positives and focusing on the things in life that makes you happy. For him, it’s hanging out with his friends and getting lost within the moments we sometimes forget to embrace. “Vintage Gucci, find my groupies, we all get high from the red lights”.  He takes an acoustic guitar and transforms the rhythm with some slick beats layered over a classic R&B vibe. It yet again shows great promise from the artist that JXN is becoming and will have you even more intrigued for what is next from the hot tipped newcomer.