EP REVIEW: LPX – Junk Of The Heart

Music is therapy. And that is honestly the easiest way to define what music is for artists and listeners alike. It’s your best friend in your darkest moments when you need some encouragement, it’s a shoulder to cry on when your heartbroken, it’s the reassurance you need when you’re giddily falling in love and it’s the party starter when you’re ready to dance and lose yourself. Music really is a magical thing and when you feel that you do become unstoppable. And New York based singer-songwriter LPX has really honed the craft of making you feel all of those things. From her alternative-pop days with MS MR, she introduced the beginning sentiments of her artistry which has now transformed into this over indulgent glam pop-rock collision of emotions and vibes. Her second EP ‘Junk Of The Heart’ turns up the volume from her debut collection ‘Bolt In The Blue’ and  dives into a even more emotional realm of reflection. Opening with the dramatic ‘Black & White’ she paints a cinematic rock n roll opening that pays homage to the great glam rock era of the 80’s which will have you absolutely captivated. After the 50 second intro she softens things a little with a delicate verse before getting theatrical again on the big hook which has been made to play live. She questions herself and her decisions when getting back with an ex again even though she knows it’s not good for her. “One more time, swear it’s the last time. I’m changing my mind. I try doing what’s right but It’s not black and white”. From there she gets a little euphoric and wants to run amok on the streets of New York City, so that’s exactly what she does. ‘Might Not Make It Home’ is that epic rush of adrenaline you have when you’re on a night out and the options of where it could go are endless and exciting. The song instantly transports you to a night out in the city with it’s vivid imagery and hopelessly romantic storyline. The gritty guitar riffs and big garage drums have this really authentic approach to the production which will have you feeling all the nostalgic vibes.By the end of the song she will have you screaming “We might not make it home and that sounds wonderful” a little too proudly and that’s honestly a great thing.  

Now that she given you that giddy euphoric feeling, she’s back to being reflective and emotional on ‘Falling To Fall’. This modern-wave pop-rock track reflects on the confusing routine we continually put ourselves through to look for, find and fall out of love. We do it in the hope to find “the one” but we continue to reluctantly forgive ourselves when that doesn’t happen and we get hurt again.“Hurry up and jump in. Yeah, I’m going through the motions. I keep on falling to fall”. There’s a heavy pulse of energy that runs through this track that is reminiscent of the opening track and has you turning the track up louder. Rounding out the four track EP is the highly emotional and heartbreaking ‘Give Up The Ghost’. This is THE heartbreak song of the album where she searches for the light to move on and acknowledges the lessons she’s learned and the experiences she’s had. It’s a special song that really does perfectly wrap up the whole vibe and rollercoaster of emotions this EP creates. “I won’t pretend you weren’t more than a friend. And I won’t ignore how it hurt at the end”. It’s hard to give up someone who means so much to you. And it’s hard to give up someone who seems so perfect for you because after all you’ve just experienced a part of your life with them. LPX perfectly embodies those emotions and has you relating to every rapid thought running through her mind and resonating with every exhausted “I’m Done” that she screams. The production is quite somber compared to ‘Might Not Make It Home’ but there is still a euphoric drive that the chorus leads and will have you ready to scream along passionately during her live shows. 

‘Junk Of The Heart’ is an impressive collection of tracks that puts a light on the angsty and emotional direction she wants to head towards as an artist and to be honest it’s a very exciting one. 



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