SINGLE REVIEW: Zachary – Lectures

Last year was a big year of re-introductions for Brisbane based singer-songwriter Zachary. As he rolled out ‘The Moments Collection’ he offered a honest insight into the trials and tribulations of a young adult whilst trying to guide his way through the ups and downs of life. With a new year in full swing, Zachary has offered the first taste to his forthcoming ‘The Sophomore Collection’. Whilst ‘Lectures’ isn’t the official first single, it plays as a perfect beginning to where this chapter in his life is hiding towards. Reflecting on the stress that is inflicted in all of our daily lives he admits that sometimes he just need to have a vent. And when someone close to him talks him down his bitterness at the times treats it like a lecture that you would get during your childhood by your parents or school teachers. It’s an interesting concept that embraces the importance of self awareness and the true heart that is sometimes behind lectures. “You tell me I’m too defensive, you think you’ve got me figured out. I’m trying my best to let it go, give me the space to breathe”. We like to think that we always have things figured out, but the truth is we don’t. But we also need to believe in ourselves and the people that surround us too. He admits during the first verse, “I’m hesitant with things beyond my control” which is a line that will hit you in the feelings and is super relatable because it’s an uncertainty we are all familiar with. 

The production continues the LAUV and The 1975 vibe his previous songs cemented whilst also offering a Troye Sivan pop feel through his clean vocals. The saxophones elevate the production immensely and give you this really polished and slick feel that is quite memorable. However the melody of the start of the chorus is quite similar to his previous single ‘Young’ which will throw you for a second but as soon he pushes past that first line the similarities are washed away with a very bold production. 

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