SINGLE REVIEW: Why Don’t We feat. Macklemore – I Don’t Belong In This Club

They are one of the hottest boy bands of right now but following in the footsteps of some pretty iconic recent acts they still have a lot to prove. After all, Why Don’t We haven’t had the ground-breaking pop hits like One Direction, Jonas Brothers or The Wanted had. And while they have had their own success with ‘8 Letters’, ‘Hooked’ and ‘Trust Fund Baby’ it’s still pretty grounded to their unique demographic and hasn’t broken past there yet. In an attempt to finally make that crossover the American five piece have teamed up with Macklemore for a ridiculously penned track which sadly doesn’t help their case. ‘I Don’t Belong In This Club’ is just a silly and forgettable track that tries so hard to be relevant but instead is cringeworthy at best. First of all, the reason they don’t belong in the club is because they aren’t even old enough to go to clubs in the US yet. And secondly it’s probably cause this song isn’t good enough to be played in the clubs. It has a strong beat but it just doesn’t go anywhere. It’s slightly elevated when the brassy elements and drums kick in but that’s only short lived. And don’t even get me started on Macklemore’s verse. I love the Seattle raised rapper but this verse was super basic. It sounds like something we’ve already heard from him and doesn’t bring anything unique to the table which is totally disappointing.