SINGLE REVIEW: LIzzo feat. Missy Elliott – Tempo

I’ve already appointed Lizzo as the queen of 2019 and rightfully so. I mean, ‘Juice’ is an absolute banger, her live performances are out of this world and she just echoes the attributes of the future pop star we need in the world. With her new album ‘Cuz I Love You’ just around the corner she’s dropped another new song to get you excited. And this isn’t just your normal single, no, it’s a collaboration with Missy Elliott. So yeah it’s kinda a big deal. From the guitar shredding that opens the song with the bongo drums I was ready for a big empowering rhythmic moment, but that’s not where this song sonically goes. Leading straight into a low-key hip-hop beat she gives you a dark and cool beat. The issue with this is that she teased you with something a little epic and instead brought it down a notch which confuses me slightly. Why start of strong to bring it down? But luckily her lyrics are hilariously great and empowering and will have you singing along immediately. “Slow songs, they for skinny hoes. Can’t move all of this here to one of those I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo. Fuck it up to the tempo”. She knows how to grab your attention and hold it and that’s what she does with this track. She implements and teases that full band sound a couple of times throughout the song but it’s so brief that you will be begging to hear more. And with Missy Elliott’s guest verse I was ready to be taken out of this orbit but I wasn’t. It all seemed to stay at one tempo (no pun intended) and I wanted more. It’s not a bad song, it’s just that she’s given us bigger moments already that our expectations are at an all time high.