LIVE REVIEW: Kodaline – The Triffid

With the stage covered in moody blue and yellow lighting, the crowd that was packing into The Triffid roared with excitement as Kodaline took to the stage for their first Australian tour since 2014. Launching straight into ‘Follow Your Fire’ and ‘Brand New Day’ they ignited the first of many singalong’s and cohesive group handclaps throughout the night. The wholesome energy that radiated throughout the venue originated from their humble stage presence which slightly reminded me of a church band. Not in a cheesy way, but in an organic approach that really enabled their genuine love for music and the reason they were there, which was to entertain. Through the uplifting vibes of ‘Ready’, ‘Shed A Tear’ and ‘Head Held High’ they perfectly transitioned into the acoustic ballad ‘The One’ which lead singer Steve Garrigan performed by himself. With the band then re-joining him on stage they performed an impressive acapella version of ‘I Wouldn’t Be’ before kicking into the full band version. Whilst their Kygo collaboration ‘Raging’ then brought some massive energy to their live set and got everyone dancing and singing again. 

Their discography is full of emotionally evoking tracks that will have you reminiscing about past relationships, family, growing up and even questioning the future. So it was no surprise when you looked around the venue tonight that people got a little emotional during songs like ‘Brother’ or ‘Angel’ that have such a sentimental value. I even found myself shedding a little tear during set closer ‘Love Will Set You Free’ as I took a moment to reflect on the ups and downs of my past 12 months. As they walked off stage the crowd kept singing the catchy refrain until they reappeared for an encore of their undisputedly two biggest songs, ‘All I Want’ and ‘High Hopes’ which took the high intensity of emotions to a new level. 

The Irish pop-rockers have got a very eclectic collection of material but tonights euphoric set comfortably sat within their upbeat material and showcased their growth as songwriters. But they still managed to tap into that emotional mind space that you were first introduced to all those years ago. 

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Photos by Zac Montgomery 

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