SINGLE REVIEW: Sofia Reyes feat. Rita Ora & Anitta – R.I.P

I think it’s so great that as of lately there has been such a spotlight put on Latin music in the global mainstream market however it’s becoming a little overdone through imitation. So when an actual Latin artist releases a song we become a little unimpressed and unfazed by it. And that’s what has happened on Sofia Reyes’ new single. The beat is catchy and the idea of the song is fun and sassy but it feel like everything we have heard as of recently. Not even the star power of Rita Ora or Anitta could save this song and that is slightly the productions fault. Throughout the three minute duration you barely can make out who is singing what parts because all of their vocal production sounds exactly the same. Even Ora’s signature raspy pop vocals are so polished that she blends in with the pop influenced vocals of Reyes and Anitta and that’s not a good thing. You want each of these unique artists to have their own moment to shine on the track and showcase a different Latin-pop influence to elevate the deadpan territory this song falls into. It needs to have more personality because the lyrics deserve that. “R.I.P. to the bullshit. Brush it off like cool whip”. Like, those lyrics should be cemented in your mind because they are so playful and fun, but they just don’t. It becomes forgettable like the rest of the song and that’s a shame because Rita Ora already has a banger called ‘R.I.P’ in her discography so I was hoping for two.