SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Saint James – Bittersweet

She was first introduced to the world as Sarah Bodle through her collaboration with Tyron Hapi ‘Oceans’ which charted at #15 on the Aria Charts. Since then she started writing full time and released a few songs and collaborations but has decided to create a new musical project to signify new beginnings. Sarah Saint James sees her returning with a polished and refreshed sound that is going to instantly captivate listeners and get them grooving along to the euphoric pop hook. ‘Bittersweet’ is a strong debut single that combines a DIY production during the verses and a catchy hook that is radio and dance floor ready. It’s sonically on the same wave length as artists such as WAFIA with it’s relaxed melodies that hold a huge punch. And with her honest storytelling of a relationship which she’s unsure about she will have your feelings running high. “Don’t you think its bittersweet? I’m one foot out the door. You’re always wanting more. We meet in the middle. I fuck up the chemistry but you want me anyway, and that makes me more afraid”. The way the song gradually grows keeps you guessing and anticipating the dreamy production. But it doesn’t stray too far away from it’s roots which has me thinking that she has some very experimental material in the wings ready to unleash.