SINGLE REVIEW: Lennon Stella – Bitch (Takes One To Know One)

On the back of her rise to fame on the hit TV show Nashville, Lennon Stella has done a lot of growing up and has impressively matured as an artist. Her new single hears her diving into an untapped experiential pop delivery that will have you obsessing instantly. ‘Bitch (Takes One To Know One) is a playful and honest track that holds a lot of sass and a whole lot of emotions. “You know that it hurts when you laugh when I cry. So tell me why, tell me why you do the things you do, oh God. You know what they say. It takes a bitch to know a bitch”. It explores a whole different side to the classic heartbreak storyline. She explains how she’s over listening to him belittle her and act like everything’s okay when she’s hurting. She feels like she’s always painted as the “bad guy” in the situation but if you’re going to throw names around then prepare yourself to fight fire with fire. She lays it all out on the table with this very honest, catchy and vibey song that you will be wanting to put on replay for hours. A very impressive way to re-introduce herself to listeners and premiere a even more mature side to her since the release of her debut EP.