SINGLE REVIEW: Keelan Mak – Warm Blooded

2018 was a big introductory year for Keelan Mak. The Brisbane based singer-songwriter and producer wowed listeners with his mature and polished tracks ‘Weigh You Down’ and ‘Flicker’ before touring with the likes of E^ST, Matthew Young, Alice Ivy and even performing a coveted set at BigSound. So after laying down all the foundations, 2019 is shaping up be a big one for him. His new single ‘Warm Blooded’ is a radiating and moody track that hears him sonically weaving his way through the indie-pop worlds of Cub Sport and Troye Sivan. With big atmospheric synths this grungey electronic track is quite different to most things on the radio and charts at the moment but that’s what makes it work so well. It has enough familiarity in his low and commanding vocal delivery that the moody synths perfectly compliment the vibe he’s going for. He calls out people in his life that are constantly hurting him but are trying to hide behind exhausted excuses. “Lover why wont you let me be? Oh, can’t you see I’m falling?”. It has a very theatrical approach which also compliments the moody production of his previous tracks and makes it all feel very consistent. Which in turn makes the anticipation for his next releases even higher. So hopefully he can keep the polished, mature and strong tracks coming because he’s making quite the name for himself.