SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Sally Walker

Sometimes if an artists vision isn’t being received or promoted the way they want it to be, the best thing they can do is go independent to be able to have full control of what and how something is released. And in Iggy Azalea’s case this is probably the best thing she could’ve done. She peaked way to quickly on her mainstream label and they didn’t quite know what to do. Her follow up releases were pure fire but for some reason they just weren’t connecting like her old material used to. As she started to lean towards a more traditional hip-hop influenced production, her label let her go and now she’s free to release what she wants, when she wants with the creation of her own label. ‘Sally Walker’ is the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore studio album and it’s a fiery hip-hop track that takes it back to the roots. It’s very reminiscent of her mixtape days that will have long-term fans absolutely excited as she steers away from the commercialised pop she was releasing. However the beat of this song is so similar to Cardi B’s ‘Money’ that it is almost unlistenable because you can’t stop singing the hook over it. Once you look into the credits of this song it starts to make sense when you see that the producer of this song also produced ‘Money’ but that to me is like the breach of production etiquette 101. Why produce two songs that sound exactly the same for two artists who are going to be heavily compared next to each. it doesn’t make sense. And sadly for Iggy, she is the one who is going to receive all the hate for it because Cardi’s song has been out in the world for months now. But if you put that aside, this song is actually really good. It’s a sassy clap-back to haters whilst also making reference to the nursery rhyme ‘Little Sally Walker’. It also hears her returning to her roots and really cementing the sound and image that she wants to put into the world as an artist. It’s more believable than some of the material she was releasing through her major label and is a big re-introduction for her to the world.