SINGLE REVIEW: Nasty Cherry – Win

Introduced to the world by the musical genius that is Charli XCX, Nasty Cherry are a new and intriguing band that you will want to get to know. The half British and American band are a interesting new all-female pop fusion. Influenced by early Charli XCX. This track sounds like it could be a b-side on her debut record ‘True Romance’ which sonically sits in a whole different realm compared to what she’s been releasing recently. The punk fuelled hooks compliment their pop sound that they are really getting into making in the studio at the moment. It’s very confident, bold and reflecting. It’s reminiscent of the 80’s with it’s heavy synth breakdown and DIY approach. It may not be a radio hit as such, but it’s catchy, strong and memorable which is great for a debut single. With each listen it grows on you and represents perfectly who they are as artists. More to come? I hope so!