ALBUM REVIEW: Maren Morris – Girl

Maren Morris is no longer Country music’s little secret. The Nashville singer-songwriter has bursted into the pop market with the release of her Zedd collaboration ‘The Middle’ whilst touring alongside the likes of Niall Horan and Sam Hunt which introduced her to a whole new market. She’s quickly following in the footsteps of Kacey Musgraves and Kelsea Ballerini who have both successfully done the pop crossover whilst still holding onto their country roots. Morris’ sophomore studio album ‘GIRL’ is a bold re-introduction to who she is as an artist however this should’ve been her debut album. it’s lyrically and socially stronger and creates more of an impact upon a first listen. It also has a lot more pop driven influences which steers her away from the country-blues hold her debut album had, but not too far. Opening with the lead single and title track ‘GIRL’ she stomps around with some empowering production before the euphoric ‘The Feels’ takes control of your giddy and flirty personality. Returning to her country roots on ‘All My Favourite People’, she gives you a hoedown song which sounds a little lost on this record compared to the rest of the tracks. Because then, you have the beautiful polished ‘A Song For Everything’ following it which shows a big contrast in social ideas with it’s pretty harmonies. “One danced you through love. One rocked you through lonely. Mixtaped your heartbreak and made you feel holy”. It’s a romantic dedication to the power of music and begs the question; “What’s your time machine? Is it Springsteen or Teenage Dream?”. The doo-woop vibes of ‘Common’ and ‘Flavor’ are cute and very country in their own ways before the simplistic and short ’Make Out With Me’ leaves you stunned. ‘Gold Love’ and ‘Great Ones’ are her anthemic and cinematic ready tracks that are bound to be playlisted at one point or another. But from there, the album starts going down hill. ‘RSVP, ‘To Hell & Back’, ‘The Bones’, ‘Good Woman’ and ‘Shade’ just don’t have the same impact as the rest of the album holds and will leave you feeling a little underwhelmed which is disappointing because the rest of the album is so strong in it’s own way. it’s no ‘Golden Hour’ or ‘Unapologetically’ but it’s getting close. She’s showing promise of incredible songwriting, smart melodies and growth. 

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