SINGLE REVIEW: The Black Keys – Lo/Hi

It’s been five years since we last got new music from The Black Keys, so it’s long overdue, right? If you’ve been a long term fan of the American duo then you will be happy to know that their sound hasn’t changed but if you’re expecting some sort of evolution then don’t listen to this song. ‘Lo/Hi’ is a classic sounding The Black Keys track. The gritty guitars, anthemic drums, pulsating riffs and festival ready hooks are still in tact and this recycled sound could fit perfectly on either of their last two records. But with five years in between records, you expect some sort of evolution. Or at least, some career defining return. Instead it just sounds like everything else they’ve released in the past, and it’s definitely no ‘Lonely Boy’. It’s pure nostalgia without even trying to be nostalgic. So if that’s not the perfect way to describe this song then I don’t know how else to. Hopefully they have something a little stronger and a little more memorable in the sidelines waiting to surprise people again.