SINGLE REVIEW: Ruby Fields – Climate

‘Dinosaurs’ was one of the biggest Australian songs of 2018. And rightfully so because the song was a beautiful and anthemic reflection on growing up which struck a cord with a whole new wave of fans. Playing to packed crowds in the early afternoon during the Laneway Festival tour she premiered a couple of new songs from her forthcoming EP ‘Permanent Hermit’. One of these songs was ‘Climate’ which she promised to have a lot of Australian references and she didn’t disappoint. It’s one of those songs that people will sing ironically and some will sing un-ironically. The lighter feel of the song reflects on what makes her happy when she’s feeling down and that is spending time outside with mates and experiencing life. “Oi, pass us the bug spray, would ya? I’m getting sick of being eaten alive. And chuck another beer over, could ya? Pretty sure I’ve only had about five”.  And that’s the feeling that this song lives within. It’s so Australian, it’s so carefree, and it’s so happy. It creates for a fun and euphoric part of her set that will continue to explode however as a follow up single to ‘Dinosaurs’ it doesn’t create the same effect. There was another new song in her live set called ‘Trouble’ which would’ve been a stronger choice as a follow up single.