SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Murphy / Chet Faker – Sanity

Nick Murphy is the new project from Chet Faker and after launching this new era in 2016 his long-awaited sophomore studio album has been one we’ve started to question if it would ever come. Luckily it is and ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ will be out in the world sooner than you think. With a April 26 release date the Australian singer-songwriter has released a new single that will have you grooving along to his refreshed sound. ‘Sanity’ is a song that elevates the sound you were first introduced to on his debut album to a whole new level. Enlisting the help from 15 musicians and a full orchestra, this album will take you on a journey of feels and cinematic appreciation. With a pulsating production that leads into a big nostalgic hook you will be wanting to sing this self reflection track loud and proud. “My sanity it comes to question. But I need to have someone to burn up all my good attention”. It’s a really strong re-introduction to who he is as an artist, and showcases a refreshed new sound that will have audiences and listeners enthralled again.