SINGLE REVIEW: Daya – Insomnia

Daya has been on a roll, releasing a bunch of infectious and memorable euphoric pop moments. Well, until now that is. ‘Insomnia’ is a generic pop-dance track that cites influence in some of dance music’s most recent tracks as well as recycling some old dance beats that throws it back to the early 2000’s. It’s just a song that should’ve had a bigger punch. A song that should’ve impressed more than it has. It doesn’t captivate listeners instantly like ‘New’ did and instead just feels a little underwhelming. Reflecting on insomnia and not being able to sleep after a lover leaves, she inhabits that desperate and uncertain feeling we are all familiar with. “I keep on hoping to find you. Reaching in between the sheets. Baby, it’s only been one night. Feel like it’s been like a week”. The relatable lyrics are something we can all recall feeling at some point during a break up or during an uncertain point of a relationship. And for this song I wanted to feel a little more than I did. Or dance a little harder than I did. Instead I feel like it peaked early and didn’t really go anywhere from there.