LIVE REVIEW: Brooke Candy – TBC Club 

There’s nothing low-key about Brooke Candy. The Californian singer/songwriter/rapper has had a rapid rise to fame after her introduction to pop culture with an overwhelming support from the LGBTQI+ community. Her carefree and liberating spirit has resonated with a massive fanbase worldwide where she’s been able to create a unique artistic experience. Heading down under for her first ever Australian tour, her supportive Brisbane fans excitingly packed out the TBC club for a very intimate and energetic show. “Hey Brisbane!” she yelled as she walked on the stage dressed in a Marilyn Monroe inspired couture. Kicking the show off with ‘Feel Yourself’ and ‘War’ she immediately jumped onto the barrier to get up close and personal with her fans who were already screaming along to every lyric. “You’re crazy as fuck Brisbane” she confessed as she soaked in the ecstatic party atmosphere that was unfolding in front of her. With fan favourites ‘Godzillionaire’, ‘Rubber Band Stacks’, ‘Das Me’ and ‘Opulence’ filling up the first half of the set she made sure she played a good selection of old and new tracks to make up for the long wait it took for her to finally come to Australia. 

She candidly confessed, “I’m so tired right now, can you tell?” but with her level of energy on stage, you would’ve never been able to tell. As the chant worthy hook “I got the pussy, I make the rules” bellowed through the venue, the euphoric and confident atmosphere was turned up a level as every member of the crowd claimed their empowerment. Throughout the whole show the crowd was jumping along to tracks like ‘Pop Rock’ and ‘Everybody Does’ before she pulled up a few lucky fans onstage for a dance off during the drag cult favourite ‘Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe’. Allowing the fans to stay on stage for the rest of the set, she had them dancing and singing along with her to ‘I Wanna Fuck Right Now’. ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Volcano’. “That last song freaks me when I perform it because Sia wrote the hook and I don’t have that range” she confessed, but she quickly added “I may not be the best, but I will always try my best” which was a sweet and important sentiment to end the hyper energetic hour set. As she started saying good night to the crowd she quickly remembered that she had one more song that she wanted to play. “It’s not really my song but I sing a verse on it and it’s so much fun to play live, so Im just going to rap my verse and then lets dance. This last one is ‘I Got It’ from Charli XCX”. And lets just say that the crowd unsurprisingly lost their mind to the infectiously ridiculous pop track that deserves to be on all your heavy rotation playlists. 

This intimate and energetic tour saw her showcasing her grunge inspired hip-hop with polished pop-rock elements. She’s an artist who doesn’t hold back with anything she does and her live shows are no exception. Playing very small club venues could be quite restricting but Brooke owned every corner of that stage and made sure she continually gave you fierce poses and a captivating stage presence. 

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Photos By Luke Cummins


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