SINGLE REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter – Pushing 20

Sabrina Carpenter is one of pop music’s most underrated artists. Because she has come from a Disney background she has to unfairly prove herself to people that she’s a genuine artist and not just a manufactured product of the machine. But over the years she’s started to turn heads with her unconventional pop which is a little seductive, intimate and honest. With her new single ‘Pushing 20’ she dives into a beat heavy sonical landscape that cites influences from the hip-hop world. It’s a departure from the electro pop realm of ‘Thumbs’, ‘Why’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Bad Time’ but does touch on their glittery polish slightly during the hook. But as a whole this song is vastly different to anything she’s done before. It’s not as catchy as her previous releases and takes a couple of listens to appreciate because you really did expect something different from her. She explores that awkward in between age when you’re still trying to figure out who you are and are over listening to what other people have to say. “I’m pushing 20 got no time for others”. It’s a good hype track for her fans to blast in the mean time while she transitions into the ‘Singular Act II’ era. But hopefully she returns to getting emotional and seductive with her electronic-pop roots.