SINGLE REVIEW: Perto feat. Dani Poppitt & Other – Gone

The future of music is honestly in the very capable hands of the youth. With artists like Billie Eilish, Ruel, Sody and Grace Vanderwaal absolutely killing it in their own respective lanes you can’t help but feel pretty content with the direction we are heading in as a community. An artist to add to that young newcomer list is seventeen year old Sydney producer, Perto. After playing some of Australia’s biggest clubs, touring with Alison Wonderland and making friends with Post Malone and Diplo, he’s returned with a epic new pop-dance track that takes his slick production to a whole new level. ‘Gone’ is a polished track that adds a slick pop filter which is less gritty and beat heavy compared to his earlier material. This song opens doors into the commercial pop-dance world by tapping into that pop-beat formula which is equally loved by clubs and radio stations worldwide. What he’s successfully done is created a song that makes a big impact on a first listen. It’s catchy and memorable and fits in perfectly with the current trends set by the likes of Zedd, Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers. It’s not as predictable as you would think and compliments Dani Poppitt’s vocal range well. It’s just a catchy and good song that showcase a lot of potential for the future of Perto as an artist.