SINGLE REVIEW: Hazlett – Fireworks

Sometimes you only need to hear a song once to know it’s really special. And that is what happened in September 2018 at Bigsound when Hazlett premiered an unreleased song called ‘Fireworks’ during his set. At the time my heart was recently broken and I was trying to find the confidence within myself to pick up the pieces and be open to new experiences. And after I heard this song, something resonated inside of me which reinstalled hope as I realised everything happens for a reason. I wanted to feel fireworks. I wanted to be in love again. And I wanted someone to love me and feel that spark too. And cue to the romantic and reflective hook of this song that hears Hazlett confessing that same revelation and hope. “We could rise forever, burn into matter. And I could be your firework” . It has this beautiful, romantic and heartbreaking imagery which will have you feeling so many emotions at once as you imagine the fireworks signifying your hope and desires bursting in the night sky. The now Independent Brisbane singer-songwriter who has recently relocated overseas has taken a very authentic and organic approach with the production. With his guitar roots he harmonises through the verse and chorus as the song builds momentum with the addition of a full band sound. And during the chorus there is a unique static of fireworks bursting in the background which will have your heart and mind racing as the imagery takes over. It’s a very beautiful and powerful song that will have you feeling so many different types of way and will captivate you from the first listen.