The breakthrough success of ‘Sweet But Psycho’ was completely unexpected but also understandable. This dark-pop track saw Ava Max stepping into a polished delivery that was catchy, relatable and different. It saw her charting globally, playing on massive talk shows and gaining serious radio traction. So her next move was always going to be under a big microscope and ‘So Am I’ strangely hears her recreating the vibe of ‘Sweet But Psycho’. I expected her to show versatility and show a different side of her artistry but instead she’s played it safe and nearly released a direct copy. The song reflects on feeling like you’re different to everyone else, feeling like a bit of an outcast but realising that all those differences make up who you are and make you unique. “Do you ever feel like a misfit? Everything inside you is dark and twisted. Oh, but it’s okay to be different cause baby so am I”. It’s a really empowering and cute sentiment which could’ve been super powerful if it was done in the right way. But instead it just sounds tacky and like a recycled version of ‘Sweet But Psycho’, which is not what you want. What you do want, is something that surprises you again in a different way and has you wanting to listen to it on repeat. The production is very similar, and the melody is way too similar that you can’t get the hook of ‘Sweet But Psycho’ out of your head when you listen to it. Her vocal delivery reminds me of Marina And the Diamonds with her theatrical attributes that does make her such an interesting artist. But sadly this song just isn’t that intriguing.