LIVE REVIEW: Rufus Du Sol – Riverstage

With a thick layer of smoke seeping out into the crowd and covering the base of The Riverstage, Rufus Du Sol made their way onto the stage for the first of their two sold out shows in Brisbane. With pulsating synths and flashing strobe lights announcing their arrival they launched straight into ‘Eyes’ from their recent third studio album, ‘Solace’. “Brisbane, how are you feeling?” they exclaimed to the very excited crowd before adding “We are so excited to be back here at The Riverstage with so many smiling faces and so much crazy energy”. Diving into older tracks ‘Like An Animal’, ‘Brighter’ and ‘Sundream’ they made sure the crowd knew that they were going to be covering all bases tonight and delivering all the fan favourites throughout their 90 minute set. Lead vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist jumped down from their illuminated stage structure to get up close and personal with the crowd as they clapped and chanted along to the euphoric hook of ‘Treat You Better’. The moody lighting added to the unique atmosphere they delivered as their electronic musical styling isn’t your typical club ready sound. Instead it’s an atmospheric and experimental DIY influenced sound that layers different sounds and vibes on top of each other to create something different. And to visually represent this they’ve created a lighting production that enhances the darkness and elevates the big euphoric moments. 

With ‘Say A Prayer For Me’, ‘A New Sky’, ‘Solace’ and Underwater’ creating some big singalongs, it was ‘You Were Right’ that took the show to a whole new euphoric level. With the addition of ‘Interbloom’ and ‘Another Life’, the crowd were absolutely lost in their own world as they danced and sang along with rain starting to fall from the sky. “You guys sound incredible out there” Lindqvist screamed as he confessed it was the second last show of their homecoming Australian tour. They were ending the massive run of shows with a bittersweet feeling of accomplishment and sadness that it was all over. ‘Lost In Mind’ and ‘No Place’ brought the show to a fitting close as confetti filled the sky and the band took a final bow. But as they said goodnight they made an exciting announcement that they had just signed support act Lastlings as their second act to their record label Rose Avenue Records who joins Cassian as their first official signings. This live show really suited the outdoor setting, however the sound was a little down and could’ve been turned up to really enhance the bass takeover that you wanted to feel. But otherwise Rufus Du Sol put on a show that turned more into a festival experience with it’s carefree atmosphere. 

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Photos By Lyndon James

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