SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Sight Of You

It’s been a long time in the making but Sigrid’s debut album ‘Sucker Punch’ is finally going to be out in the world in less than a week. The Norwegian singer-songwriter has honed her craft with addictive and mesmerising pop tracks full of big choruses and relatable lyrics. Not to mention also some heartbreaking lyrics about broken hearts, confidence and finding yourself when you’re feeling lost. Before the album is finally unleashed she’s dropping one final song to get you excited about and ‘Sight Of You’ is a feel good indie-pop track that is all about reminding herself of the support she has in her darkest hours. Touring and songwriting can get pretty exhausting and sometimes all she wishes is that she could go home and relax but then she sees the faces of her band and fans and she’s instantly reminded why she does what she does. “Sometimes it’s like nothin’ is going my way. Even though I know I’m getting up on that stage. But now that I’m here, I got reason to believe. Just the sight of you is getting the best out of me”. It’s an uplifting track that hears her being really grateful for the unique life she lives. And there is even a sassy shoutout to Air France who lost her bags on a bad day she was having over the summer. “The airline lost my luggage, still got all this weight. And all the things I’m done with are showin’ up again”. There’s a cool release of weight in her lyrics as she turns a negative experience into a positive one. And that’s the power of songwriting and reflecting. There’s a real 80’s vibe to production with the growth of the pop synths that explode during the choruses.