SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Kahan – Mess

“Mess is about the overwhelming world I live in now and what would happen if I was to just take it all away and go back home and feed the dogs. Would I be less overwhelmed? Or is the grass really always greener?” Noah Kahan confesses in our intimate chat in mid January. He further questions “I think its apart of our human condition though because everyone always questions, what if things were different. Like, is there a different me living a parallel life to what I am” as we dive deep into chatting about his new single ‘Mess’ which has finally be released into the world. The folk inspired indie-pop song cites influences from his previous releases and builds a song with a big hook, radio friendly melody and relatable lyrics as he reflects on his life. It’s one of those songs that you can find solace in when you are a bit unsure within your own life and the decisions you are making. But then you can stop for a second, reflect and remember that we need to own our decisions and that it’s okay to feel a little lost sometimes. After a first listen you will have the song stuck in your head and you will be intrigued to hear more from his forthcoming debut album.