SINGLE REVIEW: Neiked feat. Husky – Lifestyle

My favourite Swedish production collective are back with another tasty pop-bop to get you through the weekend. ‘Lifestyle’ is a polished track that continues their summer-soaked tropical vibes their previous singles have lingered. It’s nothing too original or groundbreaking but it’s just a fun track that you can’t help but sing and dance along to. The hook is ridiculously addictive and is one you can imagine all over radio. It’s been a while since Neiked have graced the mainstream airwaves since the breakthrough success of ‘Sexual’, so it’s about time they get some more attention. And this song is perfect for that. “Keep messing up my lifestyle, messing up a lifetime. Messing up til I die cause I’m a fool” It has a hook that you just want to scream along to and that’s always a good sign. It’s a great direction towards the music you want to hear from Neiked and the carefree vibes you want to inject into your life.