It’s been two years since K.FLAY released her two time Grammy nominated album ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ and the wait in-between for new music has been a little excruciating. But the wait is finally over because the Californian singer-songwriter finally has some new music to share with us. ‘Bad Vibes’ is the first track from her forthcoming third studio album and it’s a serious vibe (no puns intended). The genre fluid track hears her switching between rock, pop and hip-hop elements as she polishes up a song with a big hook and a massive stamp of empowerment. The positive vibe of the song stems from her realising that people are being raised in a very negative world and she wants to change that by recognising that we need to get rid of the bad vibes in our lives and share some love. She does that through some hilariously quick and memorable lyrics that calls out people who just continually give those bad vibes. “Youre the sequel that sucks” she quips before adding “Rollin’ a cigarette when you know that smoking causes cancer”. And that’s only just the beginning. There’s so many quotable lyrics that this whole review could just become a denotation of all the lyrics I like from the song and after you listen you will understand why. It’s just very well produced and formatted to give you a real punch and have you thinking. “You give me bad vibes, bad times, bad nights with you”. It holds onto that classic K.FLAY sound that her music has evolved into over time and will have you needing and wanting to hear more on the ASAP.