SINGLE REVIEW: Jonas Brothers – Sucker

It feels weird that it’s 2019 and I’m writing a review about new Jonas Brothers music, but it also feels so right at the same time. The iconic boyband from the mid 2000’s are back after taking a hiatus to work on their solo projects. Kevin took some time off to get married and live his reality TV dreams whilst Joe topped the charts with DNCE and Nick jumped between topping the charts and dabbling further in acting with roles in Scream Queens and Jumanji. So they’ve all been pretty busy since they said goodbye to the Jonas Brothers in 2013 but it wasn’t for long as they are making a much anticipated return after burying the hatchet. They’ve been secretly working on this new project for the past 8 months and have finally revealed what they are up to with the punchy lead single. ‘Sucker’ expands on their original sound they created throughout their first stint of records and then further injects a fresh new sound that their last releases ‘Pom Poms’ and ‘First Time’ in 2013 introduced. The slight rock influence of the production amplifies the punch of the hook and allows their harmonies to come in very tight. The song reflects on the infatuation you can have with someone where you will do anything to be around them in the least creepy way possible. “You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly. I’m a sucker for you, yeah. Any road you take, you know that you’ll find me”. It’s just a fun song with a whole lot of energy and is the perfect comeback for this ultimate boyband that you can’t help but still love.