SINGLE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Flux

Definition of Flux: The action of process of flowing or flowing out 

Alternate definition of Flux: An emotionally driven ballad from Ellie Goulding that cements her comeback with a whole lot of feelings.

And that’s exactly what she does with this epic ballad that transports you back to her ‘Halcyon’ era where all she did was deliver feelings on top of feelings. This song perfectly puts a spotlight on her beautiful and powerful vocals that have a uniqueness to them that is very different to any other pop artist in the game at the moment. Reflecting on a relationship that has ended for the better, she tries to make sense of why she has feelings for them still and why she still wishes they were together. “And I’m still in love with the idea of loving you. It’s a state of flux, I just keep holding on”. It’s a feeling of knowing that they’ve ended for particular reasons but she can’t help to wonder why they were put into the same universes if they were only meant to leave each other heartbroken. She further questions where they would be if they were still together. “Would you be taking me higher? Would we be living as liars? I wanna know, I wanna know”. Accompanied by a simple piano melody, this song adds in swooping strings and beautiful harmonies that adds another layer to the structure. It’s a beautiful ballad that reminds the listener why they fell in love with Ellie in the first place. We know she can create some dance-pop bangers but she can also strip it all back and give you minimalistic production with a whole lot of emotions and heart. And that’s personally my favourite side of Ellie. 

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