ALBUM REVIEW: Solange – When I Get Home

Surprise albums are always fun. Definitely when it’s from an artist that had such a dynamic and killer previous album because you know it’s going to be good. Or you hope it will be good because otherwise it will be a massive disappointment. Sadly in this case, Solange’s fourth studio album ‘When I Get Home’ does end up disappointing in comparison to her widely acclaimed ‘A Seat At The Table’ which saw her take centre stage in the spotlight. This album just loses her momentum as she fades away with a hazy production of soul-R&B that doesn’t deliver the same punch as it’s proceeder. Opening with the minimalistic ‘Things I Imagined’ she beings the album exactly how you wanted with dreamy and experimental production layered with her soothing vocals. The funky soul delivery of ‘Down With The Clique’ flows into ‘Way To The Show’ which stands out as one of the albums strongest moments along with ‘Stay Flo’. These songs just embody the sound, image and feel that you want from Solange. It begins where her last album left off but from there it goes rapidly down hill. The album loses it’s impact as it all blurs into one repetitive and continuous sound. Nothing stands out as originally fresh or inventive and leaves you questioning why there are so many songs on the album. She could’ve reduced the quantity of tracks and instead given a more refined punch. But no, she’s gone all out and delivered a 19 track album full of interludes that don’t really add to the important storyline or feel of the record. But if you listen to it in one sitting, it is a vibey experience that is best played in the background while you’re doing something where as ‘A Seat At The Table’ was the main event and acquired your full attention.