SINGLE REVIEW: Not A Boys Name – Cut It Off

We really do need some more 80’s inspired pop-rock in our lives and Not A Boys Name is prepared to deliver that to us. The new musical project from Dave Jenkins Jr is an experimental and boundary pushing collision of sounds that hears him polishing up his roots as an artist. ‘Cut It Off’ is only the second single from the Sydney based musician and it certainly won’t be the last one you will want to hear from him. Instantly captivating you with the anthemic drums, the chant ready hook and the ultra classic guitar riff, this song was created to become a bit of a hit. It has that nostalgic feel that you can’t help but gravitate towards and the chorus is so catchy that you will be instantly singing along. “Cut it off, like your hair in your eyes. Cut it off, an unwelcome surprise. Cut it off, like a coat that don’t fit your arms. Cut it off, cut the shit, don’t put up with it”. Reflecting on a time where he struggled with self-worth, love and life he started to imagine a self-help guru yelling slogans at him as he walks down the street. And from there the song came together. He portrays this almost cult-leader character that enthusiastically encourages you to cut the bullshit from your life and become the best version of yourself. It’s very motivational. But it’s also a very fun track with a whole lot of heart and a bigger sense of self-belief which will have you adding it to all your morning playlists to start your day off the right way.