LIVE REVIEW: Bananarama – Eatons Hill Hotel

Let’s have some real talk for a second. The eighties was the best time for music and that’s no lie. After all, do I need to remind you how many bangers we got in the eighties that are still played on heavy rotation in 2019? Yeah, that’s right, there’s too many to name but you’ve already got a whole Spotify playlist building in your head as you think about that comment. So it comes as no surprise that a tour billed with some of your favourite eighties acts would be quite a popular idea. And Bananarama’s massive headlining tour of Australia turned into quite the nostalgic affair. Wrapping up their tour in QLD with a final two shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, they were ready to have everyone dancing the night away. 

With the early crowd packing into the Eatons Hill Hotel on a Wednesday night, Amber took to the stage for a brief 15 minute set. Launching straight into it with her smash dance hit ‘This Is Your Night’ she took the crowd through a rapid fire journey of reminiscing with the club favourites ‘One More Night’, ‘Clouds’ and the cult favourite ‘If You Could Read My Mind’. “I know you know all the words to this last song, so lets sing it together Brisbane” she yelled as she closed her set with ‘Sexual’ (Li Da Di). It was no surprise that she had a lot of high energy but it was surprising just how strong her vocals are. With multiple vocal riffs that left me really impressed.

Keeping the strong vocals coming, Tiffany walked on stage to a massive roar of excitement from the crowd as she yelled “Cheers!” with her drink raised in the air. Kicking it all off with her country-rock inspired tracks ‘Starting Over’ and ‘Waste Of Time’ from her new record ‘Pieces Of Me’ she still managed to establish a pop-polish to her delivery. “Brisbane, how are you? It’s only taken me 30 years to get here but I’m here!” she exclaimed. Joined by only a guitarist on stage they played over some backing tracks which kept the fulfilled sound of the old favourites ‘Could’ve Been’ and ‘I Saw Him Standing There’ in-tact which had the crowd singing along. Plugging her new music again she announced that she would be returning later this year for her world tour and with ‘Beautiful’ instantly getting stuck in my head, she still knows how to write catchy songs. Closing her set with the massive singalong moment that is ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ she confessed “I never get sick of singing this song and watching you all sing and dance along”. And boy, did the crowd sing loud for her! 

After a brief switch over, Bananarama finally made their way onto the stage joined by a full live band who knew how to turn up the eighties vibes immediately. ‘I Heard A Rumour’ ‘Love, Truth & Honesty’ and ‘Shy Boy’ instantly threw it back to their old pop-classics whilst ‘Move In My Direction’ paid homage to their more recent material. “Hey Brisbane, you feeling good tonight?” the (now) dynamic duo questioned the crowd. Their chemistry on stage was hilariously hypnotic as they continuously made fun of each other, boisterously interacted with the crowd and called out hecklers. ‘Really Say Something’, ‘Look On The Floor’ ‘I Can’t Help It’ and the disco fuelled anthem ‘Cruel Summer’ pulled out all the stops. “You guys are bringing so much energy already” they confessed as they looked at each other with massive smiles on their faces. “Do you guys know someone called ‘Nathan Jones’?” they teased as they rolled from that song into the similar vibes of ‘Robert De Niro’. Their in-sync choreography was as enjoyable to watch as their bubbly personalities as they really captured the hilariously cheesy aspect of the eighties that we all know and love. As they came close to the end of their set they didn’t hold back with ‘Want You Back’, ‘Love In The First Degree’ and the unstoppable ‘Venus’. Walking off the stage for a brief moment they returned to close the show with ‘Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) which perfectly tied together all the nostalgic eighties vibes. I expected the show to be a little cheesy and fun but I didn’t expect it to be so tight and well put together. They impressed with how strong of a vocalist  everyone on the bill was, and how much energy they could still offer without seeming forced or over it.

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Photos By Tam Schilling 

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