LIVE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – Woolly Mammoth

Homecoming shows are always an exciting and euphoric affair. And for Eves Karydas the Brisbane stop of her sold out ‘summerskin Australian Tour’ was one to remember. With the Woolly Mammoth at full capacity, Eves walked on stage as an overture of some of her songs played into the opening beat of ‘First Love’. Immediately taken aback by the crowd passionately singing along to ‘There For You’ she stared in admiration. “I think this is the loudest crowd I’ve had on this tour” she admitted before adding, “Welcome to the ‘summerskin’ tour, Brisbane. I’m so excited to be home!”. Launching into the energetic album favourites ‘Hush’, ‘Honest’ and ‘Balance’ she had the crowd dancing along and waving their hands around in the air ecstatically. Stripping it back for the albums raw ballad ‘Wildest Ones’ she explained to the crowd how this album was inspired by moving to London by herself a couple of years ago where she experienced a lot of first times like falling in love and having her heart broken. 

Returning to the beats, ‘How Bound’ transitioned into the rhythmic unreleased song ‘Up On The Roof’ that screams future summer vibes. “Keeping with the tradition of non ‘summerskin’ songs, do you mind if I pay you a cover?” she questioned the crowd before playing Post Malone’s ‘Sunflower’ which she had recently teased on her Instagram. Giving it a polished pop makeover she lead into the anthemic ‘Couch’ and ‘Damn Loyal’ which she urged everyone to dance hard to. “I’m not playing an encore tonight so make sure you dance hard right now”. Reminiscing over the simplicity of falling in love and how it can make you feel, she closed her radiating set with ‘Further Than the Planes Fly’ which was absolutely robbed from featuring in Triple J’s Hottest 100. As she stood there with a beaming smile on her face as she said goodnight, the crowd screamed for more. But as she warned them earlier, there was no encore, that was it and what a fun and euphoric show it was. 

On opening duties, Lakyn kicked off his set with an unreleased song before transitioning into the track that kicked off this new chapter of music for him, ‘View Looks So Good’. Taking to the stage alone, he played the guitar and mixed the experimental beats at the same time to give a really fulfilled feeling. His progressive new sound cites influences from the likes of Drake, Ed Sheeran and Matt Corby whilst also throwing it back to the all-time greats. EP favourites ‘Sweet Days’ and ‘West’ made an early appearance before he played an unreleased track called ‘Low-Key Fragile Kid’. Reflecting on how he grew up in New Zealand, this song explored his discourses and growth whilst also paying homage to his grandmother. Mixing it up a little he performed a really original cover of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ which really showed his unique vision. Closing his set ironically with a new song he wrote in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, ‘Cry Boy’ show very strong potential which really could kick off the next chapter in his musical journey. 

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Photos By Luke Cummins 

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