SINGLE REVIEW: James Bay feat. Julia Michaels – Peer Pressure 

I’m a sucker for a romantic duet full of vulnerability, honesty and hope and I’m not afraid to admit it. So when James Bay and Julia Michaels announced they were teaming up for a song, my body got a little excited. And ‘Peer Pressure’ doesn’t disappoint one bit. Starting off stripped back with just an acoustic guitar, Bay delivers his soothing vocals before a drum beat comes in for the second verse. This is also where Michaels first appears and starts harmonising with him. What I liked most about this duet format was that it wasn’t your typical guest verse only. Instead she harmonies and sings with him throughout the whole song which adds a different element to his sound. This vocal heavy song starts adding heavier rock production until the last chorus explodes with a new euphoric hope. Reflecting on the self barriers that love breaks down, they both reflect on the exciting and never-racking impact someone can have on you when you start to fall in love. “Put your hands on my body just like you think you know me. Want your heart beating on me, don’t leave me hot and lonely. I don’t usually give in to peer pressure but I’ll give in to yours”. It has such an honest and reflective feel to it which you can’t help but get lost within.