SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Gray – Down Side Of Up

After signing to Warner Music Australia and debuting with the infectious ‘My Hands’, it’s safe to say Jack Gray quickly won over a legion of fans after joining the likes of E^ST and Dean Lewis on the road. With the follow up single ‘Drunk Talk’ continuing the well produced pop sound, he’s decided to mix it all up with an experimental and alternative track. ‘Down Side Of Up’ is a brief 2 minute track that steps away from that pop formula and steps further into that alternative rock arena sound that has been polished up in the past. It’s significantly quite different to what we’ve heard before and separates his sounds quite a lot. It’s really been created to be played live and add a different dimension to his live set which is understandable. But as a standalone track it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. His vocal production is a little distorted which makes it hard to make sense of everything he’s saying which loses the genuine feeling his previous music has had. The most impressive thing about this song was the band breakdown towards the end which makes me excited to experience it live with all the raw energy. But compared to his previous release this song is a little forgettable.