SINGLE REVIEW: Yorke – Wake The City

After her strong and heartbreaking debut with ‘First Light’, I was immediately excited and intrigued to hear where Yorke would sonically go next in her evolution as an artist. And the Byron Bay singer-songwriter hasn’t disappointed with the second chapter of this celebration of new beginnings. ‘Wake The City’ sees her teaming wth Vera Blue’s producer Andy Mak to deliver an experimental and pop driven production that adds another anthemic layering which is a bit different to her debut. ‘First Light’ had this very cinematic approach which felt like a soundtrack to your own heartbreak adventures. It was quite hopeful and therapeutic where as this song has a very dominant approach which entices the listener with it’s dark synths and beats. The pop layering during the verses drifts between a Vera Blue and Taylor Swift delivery which makes this track a lot bigger sonically. It grabs your attention in a different way and whilst this song is a lot more tender lyrically, it feels a lot more confident. “I don’t wanna wake the city but I can’t stand to see you go. Running through the streets, you with me. I don’t want to lose control”. She explores the toxicity of a relationship where you lose your self empowerment and worth which makes you question if it’s worth it. It’s quite dark but another exciting side to the newcomer who is only just getting started.