SINGLE REVIEW: P!nk – Walk Me Home

It hasn’t even been two years since P!nk released her seventh studio album ‘Beautiful Trauma’, not to mention she hasn’t even finished the world tour for it yet, but apparently she already has a new album ready to share with us. ‘Walk Me Home’ is the first single from ‘Hurts 2B Human’ which will serve as her eighth studio album and will probably become her fifth number one album on the Aria Charts thanks to her loyal and slightly obsessive Australian fans. The new single hears her continuing the pop format her last record explored and cites influence from her recent tracks ‘Whatever You Want’, ‘I Am Here’ and ‘Where We Go’. Expanding from this sound, she further interpolates a Mumford And Sons influenced sound with the theatrics of The Greatest Showman to really give an anthemic feel. It’s really been released to create a dent on the charts and to have her fans feeling again, but I can’t help but feel it’s a little predictable. After all, it does sound like everything she released from the last album and doesn’t really seperate the beginnings of a new chapter for her as an artist. It just sounds like she’s recycling what she’s already released which is a bold move. I really did expect something more captivating as the first single after the lack of impact her singles from ‘Beautiful Trauma’ had but she’s returned to the sound determined to make it a hit. And will it? I’m not sure because after a few listens I’m already bored and ready to move on. But her die-hard fans will probably stream and request it enough to get it at the top of the charts for a little while at least.