ALBUM REVIEW: Betty Who – Betty

After listening to this record I don’t even know what else to say other than, wow. I mean, Betty Who’s simply titled third studio album ‘Betty’ is truly her pop perfection moment. This polished collection of tracks hears her honing her synth-pop sound and taking it to new reflective and fun heights. She’s always experimented with an 80’s influenced sound but this record sees her really diving deeper into that world and not holding back on anything which is what she noticeably did on her last record. This may have something to do with her cutting ties with her major label and going independent again which seems to have been for the best. Opening with the funky synth driven ‘Old Me’ she pays homage to this new found confidence and transcribes a powerful sentiment. “I’m feeling like the old me. No, you cannot control me”. From there she drops the RNB injected pop beats for ‘Do With It’ which deserves to thrive in the early 2000’s whilst ‘Just Thought You Should Know’ is an 80’s synth ballad that artists like Tiffany would’ve died to release back in their prime. But instead she’s bringing a unique quirkiness to the current state of the pop world which seems to be driven by over-produced EDM tracks that don’t have the same raw energy and personality that these songs hold. The disco inspired ‘I Remember’ perfectly capitulates this idea and will have you embracing the seductive nature of ‘Language’ and ‘Taste’ whilst running around euphorically to the playful hooks of ‘Whisper’ and ‘Marry Me’. 

One thing Betty Who has always been consistent with delivering is strong synth ballads and this album has a couple of unique moments like ‘Between You & Me’ which deserves to be a monster hit, the vocally synth driven ‘Ignore Me’ and the simplistic ‘Stop Thinking About You’. But where this album really shines is in something she has doesn’t yet, and neither has anyone else in a long time. It’s a sound that is so dominant in one particular era but has sadly disappeared from our airwaves for a little while. But Betty Who is bringing it back with the incredibly produced ‘The One’. This epic throwback pays homage to the likes of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N’Sync with nostalgic boyband pop production in all it’s shiny glory. This is a song that sounds like it was made to dominate the 90’s and early 2000’s and so it should’ve. Everything about it is so genuine to the era and will have you instantly falling in love and wanting to choreograph boyband moves to it. “If I’m not the one, good luck finding something better. Give you all my love, are you crazy? Boy, you better recognize that you’re wasting all my time if I’m not the one”. During my first listen I was so shocked and excited that I immediately pressed replay and then press replay again because I couldn’t get enough of it. And don’t even get me started on that last chorus with all those vocal layers because that slayed me. And to be honest that song alone deserves this album to get a 5 star rating because she’s taken a massive risk and it’s paid off. It really embodies the pop experimentation she wanted this record to have and takes it to new and exciting heights. 

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