SINGLE REVIEW: Zedd feat. Katy Perry – 365

There are so many opinions floating around online about Katy Perry. It surprises me just how negative people feel towards her after her empowering and triumphant history. Breaking records with her sophomore album, publicly going through a divorce in the limelight and reclaiming her identity in a world which continually tries to pick you apart. Instead her last album era ‘Witness’ saw the world turn against her viciously. After the conclusion of her world tour she’s teamed up with Zedd for a new song that may just have everyone falling in love with her all over again. ‘365’ is the pure pop Katy you missed and hears her delivering clean vocals and an infectiously catchy hook that will be stuck in your head after a first listen. “I want you to be the one that’s on my mind. On my mind, on my mind. I want you to be there on a Monday night, Tuesday night, every night”. The loved up anthem reflects on falling in love with someone and just wanting to be around them 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s very cute and romantic. Zedd takes this romantic approach in an experiential and slick way by having a very DIY beat driven verse with a rhythmic chorus that almost sounds latin. But it’s still very pop and very consumable in a mainstream market which is important for both of their brands. What I think is so standout about this song is that it’s simply catchy. They aren’t trying too hard to create something groundbreaking, instead they have just created a good love song.