SINGLE REVIEW: Yungblud feat. Halsey & Travis Barker – 11 Minutes

Yungblud is one of the best live performers in the touring market right now. His live shows are energetic, passionate and have an empowerful edge. And the kid just knows how to perform and have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand immediately. The British singer-songwriter is currently in Australia on a massive sold out headlining tour so it only seemed appropriate that he released another new single whilst he was down in this corner of the world. And what a better way to celebrate Valentines Day than by releasing a tragic love story with Halsey and Travis Barker? Well that’s the idea anyway, and ’11 Minutes’ has already received so much buzz and hype but I have to question if it really deserves it? This is his most pop directed release yet and sonically sits more in the realm of Linkin Park than a Yungblud track. The production is very polished and feels toned down to what you would expect or want for a Yungblud track. The energy is very sedated and that does reflect the love story element but I wanted to hear more from this dynamic trio. Halsey grew up a rock fan so it woud’ve been interesting to hear her use this collaboration to let her hair down and do something that is so different from her usual material. Instead she sort of just made Yungblud sound like her with some heavier drums thanks to Travis Barker. Everyone is raving about this collaboration and to be honest it’s just a little forgettable.