SINGLE REVIEW: LPX – Give Up The Ghost

No one is ever going to try tell you that break-ups are easy. And no one is ever going to try tell you that your heart will ever be the same again, but all you can do is try. Try to move on. Try to grow. And try to be a better person. And that’s what LPX explores on her new single ‘Give Up The Ghost’ which comes from her highly anticipated second EP ‘Junk Of The Heart’. She searches for that light to move on and acknowledges the lessons she’s learned and the experiences she’s had. During the first verse she admits; “Feels like we’re both choking to breathe. Holdin’ tight to a false memory. I’m done”. She reflects on a relationship where they are both holding on and suffering at the same time before realising her own self worth. She takes ownership of her feelings during the chorus “I won’t pretend you weren’t more than a friend. And I won’t ignore how it hurt at the end” as she realises it’s okay to hurt and it’s okay to feel. She explains that what they need to do is give up the ghost which represents their past so they can move on and grow, but it’s not always that easy. And that rolls into my favourite line of the song which lingers through the outro and haunts your thoughts. “Once you know better, it’s hard to retreat. Can’t ignore how I feel, now I know what I need. It’s you”. There was a piece of my heart that broke in half during that moment and felt every emotion that she was feeling in that musical universe. It’s hard to give up someone who means so much to you. And it’s hard to give up someone who seems so perfect for you because after all you’ve just experienced a part of your life with them. LPX perfectly embodies those emotions and has you relating to every rapid thought running through her mind and resonating with every exhausted “I’m Done” that she yells out. The production is quite somber compared to ‘Might Not Make It Home’ but there is still a euphoric drive that the chorus leads and will have you ready to scream along passionately during her live shows.