SINGLE REVIEW: CXLOE – I Can’t Have Nice Things

This is the first time since the release of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ that I have been so fixated on one song, been so impressed by the immaculate production and the interesting DIY nature of the structure and been reminded why I love pop music so much. And after a first listen of CXLOE’s ‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ I hope you feel the same way too. The experimental pop song hears her perfecting the dark pop sound that she’s been playing wth over the past year and a half and moves into a even more polished territory. The offbeat synth delivery during the verses and the vocal breakdown during the pre-chorus slightly reminds me of ‘Hands To Myself’ by Selena Gomez. But she turns it all the way up with a Banks and Tove Lo inspired attitude that turns this polished pop track into a dark, moody and cool moment. She’s played with the structure of the song a little since debuting it in her live set last year and instead of giving the listener the chorus straight away she strategically holds back. She finally unveils the pulsating and unforgettable hook after the second verse and it’s right there and then that you realise that this song is a HIT. The way the song has been produced is incredible, the storyline is heartbreakingly therapeutic and the structure is memorable. She reflects on how she always finds herself self-sabotaging and ruining things and relationships. And I can’t help but resonate whole heartedly with that exact feeling. “I warned you now to give me things I can easily break. I heard it smash when I looked deep into your pretty face. Wish I could stay with you and love you in so many ways. I can’t have nice things”. This song is a pure hit and cements CXLOE as one of Australia most exciting newcomers who is ready to dominate the pop world with her polished tracks and her slick live show.