SINGLE REVIEW: Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B – Please Me

With it being Valentines Day week I did expect a lot of romantic songs to be released and a whole lot of feelings to re-surface. And when I heard about the Bruno Mars and Cardi B collaboration i was interested to see where they would go with their sonical approach. After teaming up on ‘Finesse’ the two Grammy Award winners have teamed up for a sexed up anthem about sexual pleasing. Yes, you really did just read that. And it’s actually really good which is no surprise when you think about how many hits they individually have under their belts. The chorus hears them both begging “Please me, baby. Turn around and just tease me baby. You know what I want and what I need, baby”. And the song sort of just goes from there. The production is in the typical Bruno Mars slow jam format and whilst it may not be completely new sonically, it’s so captivating because he’s teamed up wth Cardi B. It’s just a sexy song, with sexy vocals and sexy lyrics. It’s that basic and thats why it’s so good. Don’t over think it too much, just vibe to it.