LIVE REVIEW: Five & S Club – Eatons Hill Hotel

There’s nothing like a night of pure-pop nostalgia to bring the good vibes and Brisbane got a taste of just that with the Poptastic celebratory tour headlined by FIVE and S CLUB. With a diverse crowd packing into the Grand Ballroom of the Eatons Hill Hotel for the final night of the tour, every act was ready to get the crowd dancing and singing along enthusiastically. With only having a fifteen minute set Big Brovaz didn’t mess around with getting acquainted with the crowd. Launching straight into their mega hit ‘Nu-Flow’, the crowd were instantly on their side as they continued the singalongs with ‘Favourite Things’ and ‘Baby Boy’. Keeping it short and sweet they had the crowd lapping up their high energy and wanting more after they left the stage. 

After a dramatic electronic introduction, S CLUB ran on stage repping matching glittery jackets as they opened up their 45 minute set with ‘Bring The House Down’ and the party anthem ’S Club Party’. The first thing that was visibly noticeable was that the group had gone from originally having 7 members down to only three with Jo, Tina and Bradley left to hold the fort. But whilst they were down in numbers they weren’t down in energy as they threw it back and dived deep into their discography with fan favourites ‘Naturally’, ‘You’re My Number One’ and ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ making a early appearance. “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!” Bradley screamed as he hyped the crowd up and gushed about how excited they were to be back. Last time they were in Brisbane Jo was too sick to join them onstage so their loyal Brisbane fans were extra excited to see Jo rocking out the choreography during ‘Bring It All Back’ and ‘Two In A Million’. As they reached the end of their set, the fans were screaming to hear the ultimate 2000’s anthems ‘Reach’ and ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ which took the party vibes to a whole new level. The only thing missing from their set was production value that would’ve made their choreography look tighter and made up for their missing four members.

As I looked around the packed venue I started to notice one thing in particular, and that was how many people were wearing FIVE t-shirts. I was a little surprised as I didn’t realise just how much of an impact this British boyband had made in Australia, but apparently it was quite a big one. The screams went up a notch as they took to the stage for opener ‘Battlestar’ and we were quickly reminded that only three members remained from this band which makes the name FIVE a little misleading now. Their interesting cover of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ followed before they dived into their discography with fan favourites ‘Slam Dunk’ and ‘Let’s Dance’. After all, this tour was completely for the fans so they didn’t disappoint from giving them what they wanted with ‘It’s The Things You Do’, ‘How Do Ya Feel’, ‘Got The Feelin’ and ‘Rock The Party’. This group would’ve also benefited from having some production value as it would’ve added another dimension to their set as it seemed a little reserved. As they crept towards the end of their set ‘When The Lights Go Out’, ‘If Ya Getting Down’ and ‘Everybody Get Up’ continued the singalong’s before they closed the night with the karaoke staple ‘Keep On Movin’. 

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