SINGLE REVIEW: Conrad Sewell – Love Me Anyway

Conrad Sewell has came a long way from his early pop-rock infused days. Now the Brisbane singer-songwriter has been heading towards a mature gospel-pop influenced sound which hears him trying to cement a sound that is heavily lacking from mainstream media. He successfully broke through the market with ‘Healing Hands’ and ‘Changing’ which introduced his evolution but there’s no hiding that this is quite a drastic shift from ‘Hold Me Up’ and ‘Who You Lovin’. However with this sound it makes a smart transition into the future because it completely suits his soulful and strong vocals. His new single ‘Love Me Anyway’ hears him stepping further into this world but I have to admit, it’s getting a little boring. Sonically it just sounds like all of his other releases and doesn’t grasp a unique hold on the listener. As a standalone track it’s catchy but when you pull it into his discography it’s a little average. I really wanted to see him grow and evolve this sound into something a little bigger and make a big statement. Because vocally he has the potential to. And he also has the platform to make an impact so it confuses me why he’s playing it safe right now because this is not the time.