SINGLE REVIEW: Ciara – Greatest Love

It still confuses me why Ciara is still so underrated. She has had some of the biggest R&B and pop crossovers of the past decade. You only need to look at ‘Goodies’, ‘One, Two Step’, Love Sex Magic’, ‘Ride’, ’Body Party’ and Level Up’ to get the receipts for that statement. But for some reason we still underrate her potential which seems completely confusing to me. But she keeps hustling away and continues to release strong songs with her seventh studio album just around the corner. Following the commercial success of ‘Level Up’ and ‘Dose’ last year she kicks of 2019 with the ultimate R&B throwback. ‘Greatest Love’ hears her returning to her slow-tempo roots with a song that is completely loved up, seductive and sweet at the same time. It’s a sound that I personally love hearing from Ciara and isn’t over-produced or gimmicky. Instead it’s purely soulful and reflective. “You’re the greatest love I ever seen. Where you are, I’m gonna be. To top it off, you been there for me. Never change your energy”. It may not be as commanding compared to ‘Dose’ and ‘Level Up’ but it offers a different energy and vibe that you are familiar with when it comes to her discography. It shows a good growth in her songwriting and melodically fits perfectly with where she wants to sit as an artist.